Have you ever wanted to live and breathe surf? Run by experienced professionals and located at the surfer's haven of 'Spot X', these surf camps are your ultimate crash course on surfing as you make the beach your home for the next couple of months. Get in touch with the Aussie surf culture as you stay right on the beach - hitting the waves by day, and the campfire by night. With one, two, or three month courses available, by the end you'll be such a pro that there are surf instructor qualifications up for grabs. 

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Get off the beaten track and head to the secret surf location of Spot X. Long days in the waves leading to memorable nights around the campfire - it's a place you don’t want to miss.

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Byron is famous for it's laid-back vibe and awesome surf. Stay a few days, have a few surf lessons, do a spot of yoga and see what this great surf/beach town has to offer - trust us, you won't be disappointed! 

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Here you eat and breathe surf and surf culture, having the opportunity to improve your surf skills along some of the best surf coaches in the country.

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Get serious about surf as you live and breathe beach culture for the next two months. This is the ultimate surf camp that guarantees results. 

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This awesome 3 month surf development/instructor course focuses on building your experience and knowledge of surfing, the ocean, and instruction. 

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